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Sunday Events Included


Date/Time TBD

Meet those who fight against the evils of the world using super powers, sidekicks and vehicles. Battle those who are villains in hero’s tights. They build up your empire, and shoulder the great responsibility that comes with superhuman power. Sunday’s Superheroes will include The Question, DareDevil/Kids Flash/Spiderman, Penguin/Red Skull, Megatron, Batgirl/Mockingbird, Batman and Deathstroke.


11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

Maxx is the first prototype of his kind, a living, thinking, robot who also experiences (and has developed) human-like emotions. Because of the implications and responsibility of this technology, GigaMaxx Productions keeps all development records under lock-and-key. With 24 patents on the Diamond Core Chip Processor (which makes this breakthrough possible), a state-of-the-art security facility, and a relationship with the United States Government, it is safe to say GigaMaxx is the only name in robotic intelligence.

The Diamond Core Processor is what gives Maxx his ability to process like a human being, with 4 different operational centers synthesizing sight, touch, feelings, and thought. With this technology, Maxx is not limited to his programming but is continually learning and developing, the same as a human being. It is for this reason that we at GigaMaxx allow this remarkable robot to develop outside of the facilities accompanied by trained assistants who document his experiences. Through these journeys, Maxx has developed a sense of humor and a natural inclination towards being social.

As it stands, the prototype MAXX currently enjoys being the guest of honor at social engagements, drawing large crowds, and traveling abroad to discover just what it means to be "alive".