specialty cars

The Niagara Frontier Automobile Dealers Association is once again very proud to sponsor the Buffalo Auto Show and we strive to continue to bring you the newest concept and specialty cars available.





Fisker Karma Hybrid Sportscar


The Fisker Karma's design is inspired by the elegant lines of windswept sand dunes and the muscular beauty of a cheetah. High impact performance, low impact on the environment. 403 horsepower, 300 mile extended range and 100 mpg achievable.



    Toyota owes us a 9-second car, presents us with DragQuoia instead...

For those who love to go as fast as possible in as straight a line as possible, but have a wife, two kids and a family pet, Toyota has built the DragQuoia just for you. With four seats (plus racing harnesses, naturally), a 650-horsepower TRD supercharged V8 engine and 21.5 inch racing slicks, this drag-racing Sequoia thing can reportedly cover the quarter mile in as little as nine seconds. It's so absurd that it's glorious. In addition to the racing harnesses, there's a full roll cage and a parachute to bring things back down from speed. Safety first, family man.


    Come see the Ford C-Max Electric Vehicle


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